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IQ games are a set of selected games focused on improving your basic skills and knowledge in math, spelling, geography and IQ. Have fun learning and improving your IQ!
IQ Games
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IQ Games

Have you ever wondered about your own IQ level? Improve your IQ as you play brain games and test your IQ by answering questions below. Answers are not provided.

A typical IQ test aims to determine the level of intelligence of the person taking the test. The average score is 100, persons with IQ of 130 or more are deemed as highly intelligent. The test is usually composed of logic, math, language, and relational skill testing.

Unfortunately IQ testing is a massive oversimplification of the scope of the human brain so no single test can truly prove one's intelligence. The overall performance on tests is also affected by short-term memory as well as many other factors, including the stress of the person taking the test. Lifestyle choices also play a major role, so the IQ score is not really an indication of being born smart or dumb. People who regularly use their brain at work or in school tend to score higher than those with jobs requiring less thinking. Eating healthy and not smoking also increases a person's IQ.

Relational Shapes

The circle, triangle, square and other symbols are in a unique relationship. Select the figures that best completes the set of nine pieces.

Language and Vocabulary

Verbal IQ questions test your capacity to use language and the comprehension of communication with words. Insert the missing letters to complete the puzzle.


Math IQ questions generally test your ability to reason and to calculate basic arithmetic computations and to use logical reasoning to deduce the answer. Find the missing numbers.

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